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6 Steps for a Successful Fashion Photoshoot

6 steps for successful fashion photoshoot

So you want to learn how to plan your own fashion photoshoot, so it runs perfectly and smoothly and you end up with perfect pictures just as you imagined?

Here are 6 steps that I do so that is achievable!

Plan the concept and theme of your fashion photoshoot

When I talk about planning the concept and theme is REALLY plan it from top to bottom, from the tiniest little detail that the studio scene has to have, or if the photoshoot is outside the logistics that it implies… that could be, licenses for photo shooting on certain places, parking, and space for models to switch clothing and retouch hair and makeup, literally everything!

moodboard example

1. Start with your project! 

Is it a lookbook, a catalog, a campaign?

After knowing what you will do, compose your mood board it will be based on your project theme!

That is what your inspiration will come from! Gather images, phrases, textures, search for locations, anything that can spark your, imagination and creativity check Pinterest for inspiration it’s perfect I myself have some wonderful boards that you’ll love!

After you gather inspiration from your search it time to take care of the logistics! 

This was the fun part, now onto details!

2. Choose the photographer, how do you do it?how to pick a photographer

Start by searching for similar photoshoots to the one you want to develop, next step check who the photographer is, do this too as many as you can check, get their contact and ask for their price for a day of work and also for the number of photos you’ll need to be edited in the end, their price will have to include that.


3. Pick professional models

Models, they’ll be who will portray your vision that’s why you picking professional models will be more expensive, yes! But, you’ll save you time and money in the long run, because the chances of the photoshoot going wrong are minimized and they know exactly how to pose according to the type of photography you want.

4. Choose the LocationsIMG 20150725 142921

Locations are what will give the all photoshoot life!

So you must choose carefully! If it is outdoors you should visit and take many pictures from the location and at many hours of the day (if possible) Why? Because the light will be different depending on the hour of the day, and that can change all the mood of the photoshoot! 

If it is indoors at someplace that needs to have permits, like a bar or an aquarium or even a specific building make sure you contact the places, ask for a renting price, and if it fits your budget book it on time! 

5. How to organize the day of the photoshoot?

So, to not have space to a mistake do a briefing so it can be sent to everyone involved:

  • Photographer: locations, type of light, and type of photography
  • Models: the type of editorial it will be made and what is expected from them

A few days before, send an e-mail with these briefings attached!  

Think about this so you won’t delay the photoshoot:

  • If you have photos indoor and outdoor, do the outdoor first, the best light is the morning light it will give you the best photos!
  • When you book your model ask every single time for recent polaroids, the reason is they may have done something to their hair or are tanned or blond or simply shaved their head or even gained weight!
    Prevent surprises by asking the agency for fresh polaroids!
  • If you have some hair and darker makeup looks and with strong eyeshadows leave them for the end! It’s easier to go from light to dark than from dark to light, plan it and it will be less time-consuming since the hair and makeup will take less time to execute to the second (or even third) look! 😉 
  • When planning the type of photos get a list of all the props that you’ll need and where you can get it ASAP the soon you gather everything the smoother it will run the day.
  • Same with the outfits, double-check and separate each outfit with the name of the model that will wear it! If you do this it is faster for the model to switch clothing since he’ll know what he/she has to wear next.
  • Get all of your clothes clean and ironed beforehand.
  • Always Take to the photoshoot with you:
    • Baby wipes (they’re are perfect to remove stains and shoe marks)
    • Masking tape (if you have shoes that can’t be worn out because they’re borrowed this is essential)
    • Pins and clothing pegs (you’ll need them if you have to make some clothing more fitted to the model)
    • Steamer (this is essential since some clothes might be wrinkled and won’t photograph well) 
  • Plan food and beverages for everyone, a small catering or booking a meal at a restaurant is important as everyone will need a break.
  • Get everyone’s contacts and emails so they can be contacted at any time!


6.The very last step

  • Email the photographer with de the mood board and photoshoot briefing, which has to include every information he’ll need to deliver your vision: type of light, type of photography, all the scenarios/locations, time the photoshoots starts and ends as well how many photographs you will need and date of delivery, also if he requires some type of advanced payment it should be done so there’s already a commitment from their part, include a document where there’s proof that part of the payment was made.
  • Email the models send the briefing and the type of photography they will do, also include that they should present themselves with nude underwear clean nails, groomed hair, and body hair removed, this for you might be a no brainer, but trust me when I tell you that more than once I had to fire a model 5 min after they arrived because they’re not able to work. Include also a document for them to sign on the rights of the images that will be used on your brand communication.
  • Email all the locations that you’ll be shooting on beforehand to confirm the date and the hours that you’ll spend on the spot, nothing more annoying than staying more time than you’ve booked.
  • Pick up every prop you’ll need clean them and set them aside so you’ll have them carried to the location.


Now that you have all the concept planned, the photographer booked, and everything and everyone on notice! You think:

“But what if the model or the photographer fails with me on the day of the photoshoot!?”

What you have to have in mind is that there are things that are out of your control! I had recently a photographer failing me on the day of the photoshoot, I had models booked and on their way and I had to cancel everything! Accept that there are things that can and will go wrong! The thing I learned fastest was to adapt and be a fast problem solver! This type of setback will make you better at your job and help you come up with solutions on the spot! So, embrace the difficulties when they come up!

Now,  get a rest…! The day of your photoshoot will be awesome! 😉 

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