About Me – Francisca Roboredo

My Background

My background is in communication and multimedia, fast forward my degree i realized i wanted to specify my knowledge and use my degree to work on a niche, i ended up post graduating into Fashion Communication Design.

My carreer so far….

My experience started in a start-up has an intern on taking care of social media and e-commerce back-office to multiple clients, i began developing e-commerce managing skills not only through experience but also thought courses i’ve taken, after a year i had the opportunity  to go to work to one of the biggest jeans company in Portugal, Tiffosi Denim, i was in charged of the e-commerce customer care and logistics,  as i mastered the job i developed major understanding in back-office management and marketing strategies, expertise was developed by my fashion e-commerce assistant job.

Later as manager in other company,  i multi-tasked which allowed me to explore and create content for fashion websites, giving me the oportunity make content online, and offline has a window dresser!

I also thrived in customer support as it allowed me to understand and know what consumer wants from businesses online and also brands!

Nowadays i help brands to develop their content communication, their strategy has a brand, aswell their asthetic never forgetting that if there’s and offline support all their branding is strategized accordingly!

My passion for life, nature, beautifull asthetic and clean design made me simplify my line of work, and enlarge my knowledge throught a large spectre of fashion brands to never develop an equal brand communication!



What i’m doing currently?

Nowadays i work full-time as a content creator for the beauty industry, i produce multimedia content and copywriting, i create content and digital marketing strategy for e-commerce and social media.

I also work as a freelance on branding development and as a Professional make-up artist in photoshoots!

You can know more on my professional make up career here.

Who am i?


I’m a flexible and easy to work with person, i have a passion for life, nature, all pets (and specifically cats) and an unconditional love for my husband, as a person i strive to be better everyday throught personal development studies, books are my go to learning.

As very visual person i tend observe the world with detail so i can inspire myself, and take inspiration to better my clients projects!

You can check my portfolio and my services for a better understanding of my work and what i can do for you, and for your business!

Also Follow on my socials for news and recent work and know more about me!

Can’t wait to talk to you!