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What is the lipstick effect

What is the Lipstick Effect

Lipstick Effect who? Is it good?

I’ll start with some context first, the elections for presidentials were a month ago here in Portugal, by the time, the candidate from the extreme right taunted the left candidate (a woman) about wearing a red lipstick, the result?  An uproar about it on all social media that led every woman in Portugal to go vote on the presidencials wearing a red lipstick so we could all be assertive that wearing a red lipstick e nothing but a woman rights and is nothing to be shamefull of …

Why am i speaking about it now one month later?

Because, on google trends the search for lipstick by that time skyrocket, but not only that!

Since the beginning of the Pandemic we stopped wearing makeup and that reflected on all makeup brands, the shift was very predictable, you see, if we’re on lockdown why would we wear make up anyways is not that we are going anywhere soon!

The thing is, because of this pandemic the economic crisis is now starting to be very evident, and as in every economic crisis, people tend to be, not only out of money, but also, with very low self esteem and that is what is called the beginning of the lipstick effect!

Putting it into other words people may not have  money to buy a pair of sneakers, or a jacket or the latest tech gadget, BUT they have 5 or 6€ to give for a lipstick, or 15€ for a brand new foundation that promises the perfect flawless skin, therefore the promise of uplift your self-esteem!

The industry is adapting to this pandemic also through skincare, major brands are now selling more skincare than ever, the premise is, “yes you’re on lockdown and can’t wear or show off your make-up, but you can now have time to treat and take care of your skin!” and this way seems less invasive, again it is appealing since every day use of masks is ruining our faces because of it constant usage.

The Lipstick Effect through history!

The lipstick effect also takes place on every economics crisis that ever existed!

For example Right after World War 1 the cosmetic industry boomed, all actresses from the 20’s wore eyeshadow and lipstick that was the first steps into the makeup industry, same after World War 2, women were able, by that time, to not depend on their husbands were at war and  they started working outside the house to sustain the family, leaving some money to spend on their beauty, makeup was and it always be a lucrative business.

Why? Because again it appeals to your self esteem, it’s marketed so you feel the need to buy that product even if you don’t need it!

(and usually we don’t)

What are the best ways to not be part of it? (and keep your hard earned money…)

Check your make up collection and ask yourself!

  • Do you really need another red lipstick or nude lipstick?
  • Do you need another eyeshadow palette that you know you only love 2 or 3 shades?
  • Don’t you own another similar color?

You can do this to every impulse buy, not only beauty, but beauty is one of the major money spending habits we own due to our own insecurities!

Another thing i advocate is for knowledge, study about the products you might need! For example when i saw how much money i was spending on skincare simply because every promise was false advertising i stopped and i started to look for solutions for my skin problems, that was when i met the amazing Caroline Hirons !

This Lady saved my skin and got me to use the products i really needed through her skincare tips and her amazing book, not only that i learned how to take care of my skin properly and to save up large amounts of money!

My tip is, once you master your skin you no longer have trouble buying only the products you really need.

Now that you understand how to make the best out of this pandemic crisis tell me your thoughts about it down in the comments bellow!

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